Tried and Sentenced now on Kindle

Apple iBooks, and Kobo, and coming soon in paperback

Tried and Sentenced Selected Poems
After a long and most interesting gestation, I can say with pride that Tried and Sentenced: Selected Poems is now on Kindle, Apple iBooks, and Kobo as well as 70 emerging e-book retailers.
July 3 2014 update:The print on demand paperback should be available in the next few weeks.

The Year of the Knife

“Things that please me in poetry are precision, compassion and images that surpass the common run of language; also that the poet must have an ear for language as a musician has an ear for music. The work of Philip Casey, especially The Year of the Knife, possesses all of these in abundance.” –Michael Hartnett

“The splendour of Philip Casey’s work is that it is rigorous and hard; and somehow also at the same time bright and kind. It’s this unique mixture that sets him apart.” –Sebastian Barry

“Casey writes in a language which is supple, accurate, sensitive and immensely strong.” –Roz Cowman

“Casey gives physicality to abstract ideas with great assurance and he has an eye for things which do not clamour for attention” –Susan McKay

Dialogue in Fading Light

“Before he was known to readers as a world class fictionist, Philip Casey gave us poems. On the evidence of Dialogue in Fading Light, he remains always and ever a poet of great powers. The wonder and longing, gratitude and grace that inform this work make us grateful for Casey’s many gifts.” –Thomas Lynch

“In whatever mood, the writer’s gaze is clear-eyed, observant, unflinching in the face of pain and the awareness of mortality.” –Hugh McFadden

“If readers need a reminder of what language can do, how it can be rescued from the spin-doctors and made new and enthralling, they need look no further than this superb collection.” –Joseph O’Connor
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