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Tried and Sen­tenced Select­ed Poems
After a long and most inter­est­ing ges­ta­tion, I can say with pride that Tried and Sen­tenced: Select­ed Poems is now on Kindle, Apple iBooks, and Kobo as well as 70 emerg­ing e-book retail­ers.
July 3 2014 update:The print on demand paper­back should be avail­able in the next few weeks.

The Year of the Knife

Things that please me in poet­ry are pre­ci­sion, com­pas­sion and images that sur­pass the com­mon run of lan­guage; also that the poet must have an ear for lan­guage as a musi­cian has an ear for music. The work of Philip Casey, espe­cial­ly The Year of the Knife, pos­sess­es all of the­se in abun­dance.” –Michael Hart­nett

The splen­dour of Philip Casey’s work is that it is rig­or­ous and hard; and some­how also at the same time bright and kind. It’s this unique mix­ture that sets him apart.” –Sebas­tian Bar­ry

Casey writes in a lan­guage which is sup­ple, accu­rate, sen­si­tive and immense­ly strong.” –Roz Cow­man

Casey gives phys­i­cal­i­ty to abstract ideas with great assur­ance and he has an eye for things which do not clam­our for atten­tion” –Susan McK­ay

Dia­logue in Fad­ing Light

Before he was known to read­ers as a world class fic­tion­ist, Philip Casey gave us poems. On the evi­dence of Dia­logue in Fad­ing Light, he remains always and ever a poet of great pow­ers. The won­der and long­ing, grat­i­tude and grace that inform this work make us grate­ful for Casey’s many gifts.” –Thomas Lynch

In what­ev­er mood, the writer’s gaze is clear-eyed, obser­vant, unflinch­ing in the face of pain and the aware­ness of mor­tal­i­ty.” –Hugh McFad­den

If read­ers need a reminder of what lan­guage can do, how it can be res­cued from the spin-doc­tors and made new and enthralling, they need look no fur­ther than this superb col­lec­tion.” –Joseph O’Connor
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